Do Life Differently


“I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy for over six years on a church-based committee responsible for managing missions-related funds.  Her never-ending passion for development work, especially in Haiti, is remarkable.  Her love for those she seeks to help is genuine.  Her thoughts and ideas are always fresh and creative. She is reliable and consistent – two things I value in people above all.  All that, and a perpetual smile to boot!”

David Burton
Regional Director, Canadian Heritage
Chair, Missions Leadership Team, Hillside Wesleyan Church

Reliable and Consistent

  • Sandy is a great tutor
  • She sincerely cares about our learning, which was clearly shown on many occasions
  • She is well organized
  • Really friendly
  • Always asks us questions to trigger discussion within the group and to help point us in the right direction
  • She was able to give good and timely feedback and help develop skills she saw we needed work on

Student Feedback ~ Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy

Great educator