Meaningful change is possible when you are willing to work through it from the inside-out.



Hello, my name is Sandy Wheeler and I am passionate about helping people learn to help themselves;   to be who they are and to do the things they want to do with skill and confidence.

My skill lies in facilitation that encourages and challenges individuals to consider and use their own beliefs and values as the foundation for making choices and life changes. Personal and professional experiences in adult education and rehabilitation, parenting, relationships and caring for others have transformed my thinking and my life. I have grown to believe that learning to accept personal responsibility for words, actions and choices is the key to growth, change and true independence.

My individual sessions, small groups and workshops are very interactive with learning activities and discussion. People move on to make healthy transitions in spite of difficult circumstances and barriers they may face in their day to day living.

Ready Willing Enable works with individuals seeking personal transformation, as well as groups and organizations in Nova Scotia that support people in transition and/or disadvantaged circumstances. Many people feel trapped, overwhelmed or dissatisfied with their present situations and thus desire some change in their lives. Some examples are people with physical disability, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, women desiring changes in their life circumstances, parents, and youth in transition.

Services are provided at the Ready Willing Enable studio, the client’s home or workplace, or at community facilities on a fee-for-service basis. Collaborative partnerships are established with individuals, groups and organizations to develop and offer transformational learning programs. Customized target outcomes, action plans, experiential-based learning activities, and outcome evaluation are an integral part of each program. Focus is placed on facilitating commitment and ability for personal management, responsibility for decisions and actions, values clarification, prioritizing, goal-setting and taking action to make change happen.