Personal Development and Occupational Therapy    

Coaching and Facilitation to Enable Positive Change

  • $90     1 hour

Yoga    —  Floor Level and Chair  

Individual Session   

  • Yoga instruction and therapeutic programs
  • $65   1 hour

Small Group (2-4)  

  • Classes include individual instruction, modifications and assists
  • Pre-registration required
  • $20 per person, 1 hour
  • $98 per person, 6 classes within a specific time frame

Large Group (5+)

  • Classes follow group instruction
  • Drop-in
  • $10 per person, 1 hour

Ready Willing & Able Program for Choice and Change        

Reduce conflict, manage stress, achieve goals that are really important to you – all by making choices based on your beliefs and values

  • Learn how to make choices, take chances and experience the changes you desire by working your way through this thought-provoking program to do life differently
  • $425 for ten 2-hour sessions


Parent Gently, Connect with Compassion        

  • Explore ideas and strategies for gentle parenting, from infancy through toddler to ‘tween’
  • Discover and practice ways to bring more compassion and peace to your communication style
  • $255 for six 2-hour sessions

Transform Relationships with C.A.R.I.N.G. Communication     

  • Discover how your communication style can affect your relationships
  • Learn how to bring more compassion and peace to your communication and relate to others in a new way
  • $255 for six 2-hour sessions

Find Peace at Christmas 

  • Take time to focus on your Christmas dream. Honour the beliefs, values and intention you hold in your heart. Develop a plan for peace and follow it through to experience a fulfilling and joyful holiday season
  • $215 for five 2-hour sessions

Christmas Present 

  • Learn how to reduce chaos and stress at Christmas time to experience a more peaceful holiday season this year
  • $40 for one 2.5 hour session